In 1996, CSC was created with the aim of assisting youth by ways of providing guidance, employment and skills upgrading through vocational training institutions. World University Service of Canada (WUSC) became the first organization to work with the CSC. In addition to counseling, guidance training and job placements, follow-up services were also created in order to understand and gain experience from attitudes and working arrangements of employers, as well as employees. Also provided were counseling services to enhance the skills of employed youths. Awareness programmes were organized to educate parents too about the responsibility they bear in guiding their child. These services introduced by the WUSC are still continuing.

However, WUSC has changed their working areas, and during 2002-2006, HDCC did not receive assistance from WUSC. As a result, progress was not recorded during that period. Since 2006, HDDC is planning to expand CSC Services and prepare a development strategy for a period of 3 years from year 2007 to 2009. It is planned to convert the department into a fully-fledged resource centre.


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