In 1996 CSC has been continued with the aim of assisting youth by ways of guidance providing employment and directing to vocational Training Institutions for skills upgrading. World University Service of Canada (WUSC) became as first organization to work with the CSC. In addition to counseling, guidance Training and job placements follow up services also initialed in order to understand and gain experience on attitudes & working arranges of employers as well as employees also provided counseling services to enhance the skills of employed youths. Awareness programmes organized to educate parents too about the responsibility of them to direct the youth in correct path. The services introduced by the WUSC are still continuing.

However WUSC has changed their working areas and as a result during 2002-2006 HDCC did not receive assistance from WUSC. As a result reach progress has been not recorded during that period. Since2006 HDC is planning to expand CSC Services and prepare a developments strategy for a period of 3 years from year 2007 to 2009. Concert it to a full pledge Resource Centre


Services  provided .......

  •  Job matching and placement service for young people 
  •  Job placement service for employers
  •  Counseling Centre & Learning Centre for young people
  •  Network of vocational training institutions

Instructions for Registration to JSS...



  • To register as an applicant for a job, forward your forward your birth certificate, National Identity Card, Educational Certificates, and certificates of experience
  • Fill in the application form issued by us and get registered after paying the relevant fee.
  • Every applicant who gets registered will be given a registration number to use in all dealings with us.
  • Registered applicants shall be called to appear for interviews for jobs and it is your responsibility to be present.  Please inform us in time if you are unable to attend an interview.
  • Information on qualified applicants seeking jobs is given to employers.  Potential employers will contact the applicant for an interview.  When an employer calls you to an interview, you are asked to inform us.
  • Please inform us of vocational training and other courses you follow so our data on you is always up to date.

Employers ....

Correct and efficient selection of the candidate’s best suited to your organization from our detailed database. Fast, trustworthy referral services that meet the specifications you require. Pre-selection interviews are available to ensure that candidates are perfectly matched to your needs. Identifying the training needs of your employees and organizing training programmes to meet those needs.



Career Service Centre
.......Charge of our Services.......

Registration – JSS

Registration fee Rs.250/- per year.


Registration of Employers


Employee Vacancy  Information Form


CV Preparation


Organization Interview


Job placement

1000 Per Placement

10% discount for HDCC member.

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