About Us

The Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce(HDCC) is an innovative, membership-based organisation which works hard on projects and initiatives designed to enhance community and business capacity across the Hambantota District. Proudly recognised as the first District level Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka, HDCC are a role model to other Chambers and business organisations alike and continue to set the standard for their professionalism and outcome orientated business model.

Operating within the Hambantota District, spanning from the beaches of Tangalle to the forests of Yala, HDCC represent over 350 direct business members and 132 women entrepreneurs as part of the Women’s Forum.These members include businesses within the agricultural, manufacturing, services, transport, and tourism industries and range from micro businesses to successful national corporations.

The experienced team of talented professionals at HDCC are not only dedicated to improving the business operations of member businesses but also the livelihoods of those within the local community. Accordingly, HDCC operates within a wide purviewwhich focuses on business developmentas much as it does community developmentand tourism.

HDCC have been able to continually expand and deliver results since theirinception in 1993 through a strong emphasis on partnerships, with a specific focus on international organisations and NGO’s. HDCC’s strong ongoing partnerships with foreign businesses, government agencies and NGO’s have been one element which continues to deliver results for the organisation and the surrounding community.

Our Story

Tsunami Recovery


Executive Team

Our Purpose

Partnering For Prosperity

To be a professional, sustainable organization, making available a wide range of development services to individuals and enterprises, helping to accelerate economic growth and enhance prosperity throughout the District

To act as the ‘Gateway’ for development, ensuring the social cohesion and economic success of the Hambantota District.