Member Benefits

Benefits Of Being A Member

  • Professional Development
  • Gain access to a range of education opportunities and workshops for you and your staff.

  • Powerful Connections
  • Join an established network of likeminded business people and make lasting business connections.

  • Representation
  • You are no longer alone when you join HDCC, and can have your voice heard on major issues impacting you and your business.

  • Access to Events
  • Be invited to and involved in a number of premier business events in the Hambantota District.

  • Achieving your institutional goals
  • Efficient use of budget when you partner with a talented and experienced team of professionals
  • Logistic and specialised approach | we are able to identity specific target groups and ensure that you are working with the correct people
  • Progressive and up to date policy frameworks regarding gender, and child safety
  • Proactive